About Elsewhere: At the encouragement of friends, Heath & Christina began writing this travelogue in order to share anecdotes and encounters that they have collected along their many travels. If the articles or images make you smile or even chuckle, then great. If readers find useful travel tips within these electronic pages, even better. But, the writers will be most excited if readers’ wanderlust is ignited and appreciation for a sense of place is enhanced.

About the Writers

Heath Cox, Editor and Chief Cyclist: Master of Sustainability, Photographer, Traveler, Beer Poet, Boat Pilot, and Horn Sled Racer. 

Heath writes about the places, beverages and people that he encounters on his travels.

In Heath’s Own Words: I have had the good fortune to work and live in several places around the world. In the last twenty years I have hung my hat in the great cities of Budapest, Cairo, Munich, and San Francisco, and also in stressed locations like Detroit and Brčko, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

My career has been as diverse as the places I’ve lived. At different times I’ve been a CEO, as U.S. diplomat, an entrepreneur, a graduate student, an international business consultant and a logistics manager.

A life of travel has afforded me many adventures. Whether drinking tea with locals in the back streets of Yemen, piloting a ferry in the Adriatic Sea, or getting schooled in table tennis by a 70 year old man in Beijing, the many encounters I have experienced have been far more than this Midwestern small-town boy ever imagined.

The adventure, of which I am most fond, however, is time I spend with my family. Somewhere along the journey, I met Christina, the light of my life. Together with our two kids, we continue to explore the globe.

Summer 2014 A (2 of 121)Christina Sharkey: Editor and Chef: Diplomat, Traveler, International Woman of Trade, Baddass Wine Lover

Christina writes about the food and the places that she has enjoyed during her travels.

In Christina’s Own Words: Bio … coming soon.


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