Breakfast Tacos!

photo 3 OMG.  That’s just the the best way to describe the phenomenon of breakfast tacos.  I took my very first trip to Austin to accompany a Bavarian delegation to SXSW Interactive. Yeah, I know, that’s ridiculously awesome.  And going to Austin during SXSW isn’t exactly like seeing the real Austin, but it was an opportunity to be a part of an amazing scene, connect with the entrepreneur vibe at SXSW, and spend some quality time with my BFF Kerry and her partner Anand.  I was really looking forward to barbecue and good beer, but what I didn’t even know that I needed was a breakfast taco.

My first few attempts to procure this mythical food were thwarted by the very nature of SXSW.  Lines were 20 people long at the few places I stopped, or the corner store had basically run out of ingredients.  Thanks to the fact that Kerry leant me her bike one day, I made it to downtown Austin early, hit up the Royal Blue Grocery, and had some of the best drip coffee I’ve ever had, along with a few pre-made tacos.  While these were good, they were pre-made, so I didn’t feel like I really had the authentic experience.

photo 4On my last day in Austin, Kerry had some free time (she’s the Chief Innovation Officer of the City of Austin, and it was SXSW, poor girl barely knows what free time is).  She took me to the current parking spot for the food truck Boca – “Texas Flair- Spanish Fare”  Its run by Patrick and Vanessa, an American and Spanish couple. Anand had found this gem, and thanks to his frequent eater status and general awesomeness, has made friends with them.  I was told by Kerry and Anand that they had a mantra – go for the places with the hand-written signs, they have the best food.  These places aren’t pretentious, and they don’t spend money on marketing, fancy signage, expensive real estate, or luxurious decor.  The way they make it in this world is to just make really incredible food.  And you find them by zoning in on the hand written 2

Needless to say, Boca’s breakfast tacos rocked my world.  I had the Spanish chorizo, onion and egg; as well as the potato, onion and egg.  Amazing.  I regret that I didn’t try the garbanzo bean taco, Kerry loved it, but I just couldn’t pass up the chorizo.

In the end, I learned that I really love breakfast tacos. And I need to pay attention to hand written signs.

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