10 of the Top Beer Bike Tours in the World

A friend recently alerted me to this post by Jessica Festa on We Blog the World. I do not want to get in the habit of re-posting other writers’ work, but this topic struck at cord with me. Bikes and beer are two of my favorite subjects. To travel authentically, one must get to know locals….

The Cheerful Cemetery

“The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living,” exclaimed Greek politician Marcus Tullius Cicero. Perhaps no where else in the world is this notion more dead true than in a curious cemetery in northwest Romania. The people of Săpânța, a small town just south of the Ukrainian border,  lead   simple rural lives. As they have for centuries,…

Bangkok Tree House

Commonly called the “green lung of Bangkok,” Bang Krachao’s abundant fauna and wildlife is a welcome contrast to the gritty, choking, concrete city that most people know. … The heart of Bangkok is an exciting, whimsical place full of monumental sights and savory smells. The familiar bustle, majestic temples and well known nightlife is often what visitors to Thailand’s capital are seeking. The Bangkok Tree House, in the lung of the city, however, gives visitors a chance to breathe.

Just Moving In

Welcome to Elsewhere. Don’t mind the mess. We are just moving in. While we get things organized, you are invited to have a look around. As the boxes get unpacked and items placed on the shelves you’ll find articles about many of the places that we have enjoyed or that captivated our imagination. We are, admittedly,…